Install WiFi Warden (WPS Connect) on PC and Mac

WiFi Warden WPS Connect for PC and Mac

It is safe to not connect to public WiFi if you are too concerned about your data. However, it is very important to access internet, it is recommended to have optimal level of security apps installed on your smartphone, PC or laptop before connecting to public WiFi.

Download WhatsApp Business for PC and Mac

WhatsApp Business for PC and Mac

WhatsApp launched the business version few months ago. Though it is still in beta stages, but has lot of to offer to its business users. With WhatsApp Bussiness, you can interact with your customers or potential customers more effectively by giving your landline number, address and other information.

Install Getting Tuner gStrings on PC/Mac

Getting Tuner gStrings for PC and Mac

If you want to ensure your music device to have a clear pitch, the Tuner – gStrings is amazing app. It will help you to save your precious time as well as money. The main purpose of Tuner – gStrings for PC is to tune your guitar and other musical instrucments right on your Windows PC or laptop.

Download Hammer VPN AntiDPI for PC and Mac

Hammer VPN AntiDPI for Windows Mac

No one wants to be tracked. This is same in internet. Users want to protect their privacy and do not want others to know what websites they were surfing. Some ISPs spy on you. VPNs are known as Virtual Private Network and it keeps your identity hidden. Moreover, users use VPNs in order to protect themselves from hacking attacks.