Download My Tamagotchi Forever For Windows/Mac

Tamagotchi Forever for Windows Mac

Retro games are always fun to play, specially on latest PC and Macs. Thanks to Namco for letting us revive our old memories by releasing My Tamagotchi Forever for PC/Mac, right after 20 years of its first release.

Download Rules of Survival for PC & Mac

Rules of Survival PC

Rules of Survival is one of our favorite strategy game that gamers can enjoy with high quality graphics and different modes. This game offer many kind of environment. Because of its extreme addictive nature, Rules of Survival can be now installed on both Mac and PC.

Download CF CrossFire Legends for Mac and PC Windows 8/10

CS CrossFire Legends PC

CF CrossFire Legends is 5v5, PvE and PvP action game that is also called eSport. CrossFire offer different modes like sniper mode, casual mode and online mode along with story mode that adds further taste to the game. The benefit of these games is that gamers can enhance their skill and win big money in tournaments.