Download eWeLink for PC and Mac

eWeLink for PC and Mac

eWeLink for PC will allow you to control different products right from your laptop or desktop. Be it smart lights or TV, you can control them all using eWeLink app.

Download Hi VPN for Mac and Windows

Hi VPN for Mac and PC

Another day, another VPN. Due to growing number of users who concern a lot about their security, VPN apps are increasing day by day. Hi VPN is yet another VPN app for smartphones, that can be installed on Macs and PCs.

Install JoyTunes Simply Piano on PC and Mac

JoyTunes Simply Piano for Mac PC

Simply Piano app for PC aim at users who want to learn the Piano using their desktops and laptops instead going to special institutions for this purpose. It is a teaching application that provides a virtual piano inside the app to learn the moves on. 

Install iVMS-4500 for PC on Windows 8/10 and Mac

iVMS-4500 PC and Mac

Be master of installed IP cameras and whole CCTV network with NVR, thanks to iVMS 4500 app. This app has been in the market for quite long time and available for download for Android/iOS devices. What about Windows and Macs? Well, that can be achieved now too. 

Play CBT Final Contract Legacy of War for PC/Mac

CBT Final Contract Legecy of War PC and Mac

Great storyline games are always fun to play. Final Contract Legacy of War CBT is one such game that is supported by awesome storyline and gameplay experience. It is one of the best PvP game that provides fun to its fans.