Download Texting Story for Win PC and Mac

Texting Story for PC and Mac

Messaging is essential part of our life these days. Thanks to app developers of Android and iOS, we have not lot of messaging apps available. With WhatsApp and Snapchat getting out of ideas, apps like Testing Story are released to kill our boredom.

Play Caravan Stories on PC and Mac

Caravan Stories PC and Mac

Caravan Stories is yet another anime based game that has different characters named Elf, Dwarf and Orc. You have to protect them by providing them shelters. The residence of these heroes or characters is called Caravan.

Download Elsword M Shadow of Luna for Windows & Mac

Elsword M Shadow of Luna

Elsword M Shadow of Luna is a fightening game with some unique combination. In this game, players are given 4 figthers by default. Gamers have to use these fighters to play against their enemies. The names of these 4 fighters are Elsword, Rena, Raven and Aegon.