MX Player for PC Free Download – Windows 7/8/10

MX Player

There are few video players available for Android and iOS smartphones that support subtitles and HW+ decoding. MX Player is the best among all of them, and we’ll tell you all about it in this latest article.

Facebook Lite for PC Free Download – Windows 7/8/10

Facebook Lite

Sometimes you do not have access to good internet connection. Imagine you are in remote area with 2G internet connectivity. In such a scenario, it will be very difficult to browse Facebook through web on your Windows laptop. Facebook Lite for PC is app that will help keep you connected to your friends and family in that situation.

Uplive Live Video Streaming for PC – Windows 7/8/10

Uplive Live Video Streaming

Nowadays people tend to be more social to make more and more friends. There are multiple social platform available that let people to connect with others round the globe. Uplive Live Video Streaming is amazing service that takes the networking to other level.